I'm Anna and I'm a web developer and designer based in Queens, New York


I've worked on sites from the strategy stage to designing content and establishing the structure and functionality. As a volunteer with my local tech group, I developed my skills as a designer and web developer along side each other.

How to File a Freedom of Information Law Request

A Guide to the FOIL Request Process in New York State

I designed and built this site as a volunteer for Astoria Digital. The goal was to to teach the FOIL request process, provide resources to complete a request, and describe the system critically so it can be improved.

Live Site Code

Design System for a Volunteer Tech Group

A CSS starter and a modular style guide for building websites

As a volunteer with Astoria Digital, I took our brand guidelines and created an atomic, modular system to keep all of our projects consistent. I collaborated with another front end developer to create a CSS starter so projects could start with similar front end code.

Design System CSS Starter


A Web App for Children’s Book Recommendations

I designed a web app that helps you find a list of book recommendations within a theme. The site is focused on children’s books and topics that would help adults have difficult conversations with children. The project is a collaboration with Estefania Barron, we began with a strategy document and are in the prototyping stage.

Strategy Prototype

Church Street School Virtual

Creating Virtual Event Websites for an Art and Music School

As the web design and product management intern at Church Street School for Music and Art, I worked on two sites that adapted the school’s yearly in person events to a virtual setting. The goal of the Fall Festival site was to create a virtual performance space that would raise money to support the school.

Case Study Wireframe


I am a front end web developer and designer with experience working on Wordpress sites. I enjoy building sites using CSS and HTML, and the process behind designing them from site map, wireframes, to comps.

As a volunteer with Astoria Digital, I build and design tools to help my neighbors engage in volunteer groups in our community. Our work is open source and designed to be shared with other neighborhoods.

I'm based in Queens, New York. Ania is a Polish nickname for Anna and I go by both!



If you'd like to talk about my work, please feel free to send me an email


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